Will a straight foward convertation be best to start a relationship?

I've gone out a couple times with a girl. I think I'm starting to really like her but haven't really been able to flirt much and have no idea how she feels about me. She still agrees to hang out with me but I'm not sure if she only sees me as a friend. I have no prior dating experience so I have no idea how to find out in a subtle way. Is a straight forward conversation the best action?


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  • Go for a kiss to show her instead of telling her you want to be more than just friends

    • Not sure if I can do that. Way too uncomfortable for me. I can't even go forah and holding. I dint think I'll be able to unless I know she's open too it.

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    • Not really if you asked her out and paid for it though dancing is a pretty good way to increase physicality

    • Well we danced close and stuff but it's hard to tell with dancing for me. My female friends dance close with lots of guys even if they don't know them. And I felt extremely comfortable dancing g with her but am not sure if she saw it as friendly or not. Not having dating experience sucks. I can't pick up on even the most obvious signals.

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  • yes it is best.


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