Did I do something wrong?

I had a male friend at work who I spent most of my time with during work. Outside of work we rarely spoke other than through text and fb. I hung out with him after work a few times and nothing was awkward. Then one time we had sex. I thought it would complicate everything but we carried on like normal and we spoke about doing it again (which we did) and it seemed to bring us closer. Or in my eyes it did, because we saw each other a lot more. Sometimes to hook up and sometimes just to chill. But then I left work about 9 weeks ago to pursue a career that I wanted. We saw each other on the weekends because we would no longer see each other everyday. We even messaged and text each other a load. Just banter really, because that's how we communicate. But it seems like he's suddenly ditched me. He hasn't got in touch or asked how I am. He hasn't replied to my texts asking how he is and what he's up to, and I miss him. I know that it took me 2 days to reply to him, but I apologised and since I apologised I've not had any correspondence from him. This has been 2 weeks. He always makes time for me, I don't know whether I'm just being paranoid or whether he was just my work friend and now he's bored of the friendship.


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  • Shut down stupid facebook and all that texting and go out. I HATE all that people sticking to their phones for no reason.

    Go out with him and have fun.


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  • you didn't do anything.


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