Wants to chill but won't call back?

This is a continuation of a previous question.

Last last monday, we hit it off and I definitely got the vibe he was interested. So I got his number, & three days later I called; he asked me out for that night before I even mentioned meeting up, (I was busy though, but I asked how the rest of his weekend looked and he said it was open), then he hurriedly told me his landlord was calling (he mentioned at the start of the conversation that there was a crisis of some sort and he could be evicted?) and said, "I'll call you right back." Well, he didn't call, and I was p*ssed. Tuesday I text him seeing what's up, and he didn't know who it was, but when he figured out it was me, he called me straight away, explaining via text when I didn't pick up that somehow he had lost my number in his phone. I called him back and we talked for half an hour before I had to go, but I said I'd call him back. I did later that evening, but he wasn't there; he called back ten minutes later and we talked for another longish time. The content of these two phone calls was just random stuff like misplacing underwear and eating pizza, but there was also a discussion of hanging out: he wanted me to drop what I was doing (studying for a exam the next day) to hang out with him (I didn't). We couldn't nail anything down for the weekend apart from vague plans for saturday, so he said he'd call me the next day (Wednesday) to sort things out, but he still hasn't. (Other highlights of this conversation include him thanking me sincerely for texting him - he said he was really p*ssed at himself for losing my number, & I said, "I'm glad I did, but it was a huge debate because I didn't know what was going on" - and him flirtatiously suggesting we snuggle - to which I flirted back, saying I wouldn't mind, since I wanted to relax this weekend.)

It's the pattern of me calling him (or him simply hitting redial) and then him asking me (seriously, not just out of politeness) to meet that's driving me crazy. (Granted, 2/3 times he's suggested a time I haven't been able to make it, but I always ask about another day...)

Needless to say, I'm confused. He seems interested, but he won't call for one reason or another, and I'm sick of it. Do you think he's playing games, did I read him wrong or did some other sh*t just happen where he is once again without my phone number?

I'm a pretty busy girl, so my Saturday's full by this point...my question is, if he still hasn't called or texted by Sunday, should I/would it be okay to text him? I don't know if I got too close or if I appeared uninterested or whatever?

If so, what should I say? "Oi, did you lose my number again? :]" to let him know I noticed but risk seeing possessive, even though I barely know him? or "Hey, what are you up to later?" (which I would end up asking anyway, I think) to show him I don't particularly care if he calls, but risk him getting the idea that he doesn't need to call me or that I'm chasing him? or neither

In case I didn't make it clear, the purpose of texting him on Sunday would be to ask if he wants to get coffee...


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  • i think like any guy he's got stuff on his plate. I know though if I like someone or want to communicate I don't "loe there number" I make sure that its saved. but hey that me. o'd give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe he did havr some issues. text him one more time and if nothing can be nailed down, he's just not serious and f you are as busy as you seem he should make the effort to call you and set something up. if he's wavering move on and if something comes up againa nd you feel its worth it then see where it goes.


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  • yeah, I think you should text him one more time...

    "Oi, did you lose my number again? :]" is perfect.

    after that if he loses your number again, "lose" him.

    answer mine?


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