Dreams of having a girlfriend?

I've never had a girlfriend, and ultimately my dreams mostly consist of having one, sharing my life with a girl, cuddling and kissing her. Believe it or not, humans need each other, the average person needs someone other than itself to share his happiness with. I think I'm missing a fundamental part of life, and my dreams are trying to numb this. I'm happy by myself, I enjoy my company and having alone time for my hobbies, but I feel immensely empty at the same time. I don't want to end up alone, I want to share my happiness with someone else. I don't know what to do, my life is slowly becoming uninteresting, the things I used to enjoy are slowly becoming dull and boring. I feel like, if I had someone to share my life with, this would ALL disappear and I would be happy again.

But in real life things never go my way... I'm starting to think that I'm destined to die alone while never been loved deeply by anyone. Should I give up on my quest to find someone, since it's pretty clear that I was not made to be loved?


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  • First, how old are you? I quess not older than 30. You shouldn't be worrying about this, right person will come to you :) . Even if you think you are not handsome and have low self esteem somewhere is the person who will love you the way you are. But of course to find a girl you should always try to do your best, be more brave if you see that the girl is interested. I think this is the biggest mistake of good guys, who wait when the girl will make the first step.
    Change smthg about your self. And be more brave with girls. If that won't help it means it is not smthg wrong with you, it means are in wrong place looking ;)

    • I'm 20. Problem is, people always say that "you must have enormous self-esteem in order to get someone", which I think is mostly false, since EVERYONE can love other even though they don't love themselves, and the way you see yourself is different from what you actually are, so if another person loves you, it can make you see things in yourself that you find worth being happy (and confident) about.

      the concept of love is just so foreign and odd to me that I stopped believing that someone can look through me and see someone worth dating, even though I AM.

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  • My dream was about a crazy master who let me and others fight to da death, we escaped though! xD

    Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaa... No, don't give up. Never give up. Be yourself, have fun, head out there, meet people, and it's just a matter of time


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