Should hard to get be abolished in the dating world?

Girls always say "We want him to work for us" even though they hate desperate guys or guys who try too hard. It doesn't make any sense.

To me it's all about social skills in knowing how to respond when a girl flirts with other guys or ignores me.

I will never play the game because I simply don't know how it works. And if I'm dying alone because I lack game, so be it!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think what really needs to happen is that people should be allowed to genuinely show interest without automatically being deemed desperate or people thinking there must be something wrong with them.

    That's what I think should get banned :) Then there wouldn't be a need to play hard to get.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't think it should be abolished because it's actually a good way to weed out how many girls out there have self entitlement issues. When you hear that, it's your cue to go the opposite way. You don't want to be with the typical girl who feels like guys should just do everything for them.


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  • Ahahahaha this cracked me up. It shouldn't be abolished dude. Girls have every right to choose their partner and if their method is that way than so be it. It helps distinguish the bitches from the real men. In todays world a whole lot of them lack any class and sleep around a whole lot so i believe they should take time and focus on their picking and identify the real men from the fakes.

    • Maybe girls can tell immediately if a guy is worth it if he's good looking, rich and smart.

    • Yea I agree on that point bro. They do tend to go for them kinda guys more often than not. It sucks but confidence is always key. What kind of girls do you see around? are they always looking for the good looking, rich, smart guys?

  • I always just ignored women like that. I wish them the best of luck but I don't think they get the best guys typically.

  • well, brother... you're not alone


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