Guys, would you be flattered or weirded out?

I already asked this question, but it was kind of long so, I didn't get many answer and I need them lol. Here's the short version:
"Hey, I know nothing can really happen right now, but I would really like to get to know you."
Should I go up and say this to him, I'm tired of "scheming" so we can interact for two seconds about nothing?

What is holding me back:
-I'm mixed, I don't know if he would find me attractive because of that
-his dad owns the school
-we've only spoken twice, briefly before, both times about school
-we can't date until I have finished at the school
-he might not even remember my name
- he might just not be into me, period
-I don't want to creep him out
  • Go up and tell him you want to get to know him.
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  • Don't go tell him, it might creep him out.
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  • -If he doesn't like you cause you're mixed then he isn't worth your time and he's a stupid ignorant fuck.
    -who cares if his dad owns a school, you're dating him not his dad and even if he owned a school why does it matter?
    -Talk to him more?
    -Why can't you two date until you finish school?
    -Go find out
    -Then don't be creepy

    • They are not allowed to fraternize with students and considering his dad owns the school, you would think he would follow that rule, also the answer to why we can't date until I am finished with school.

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  • I answered the top choice but really that isn't an option. I think you know that. Because going up and saying that to him is, itself, initiating something. So he is going to make a determination right then. If you had said "he is dating someone", well then he should not be "getting to know you". That would be cheating.
    as far as your "reasons" go
    1) I'm mixed, I don't know if he would find me attractive because of that -
    a) if that is the reason then why the fuck would you want to be with him or any guy that felt that way? also, if he feels like that he isn't going to want to get to know you.
    b) see a therapist and get some self confidence and self respect. I really know about this because a year and a half ago, and for 45 years before that, I had almost none.
    2) Everything on your list except for the "we can't date until I have finished at the school" is the whole reason for dating and trying to meet people. You don't specify the reason you can't date until you finish at the school but the only reason for that would be if your parents don't allow it. Any of the other reasons are not valid other then in your own mind. Which is not in-significant. those mental blocks are horrible. But you try and meet, you date, etc... exactly because of all those reasons you list.
    Meeting, dating, all that stuff is way harder for guys then women. Men are driven sexually a lot more then women. So women control the relationship at least at the beginning stages. It evens out eventually but not for a while.

  • Dont ask him that. Instead just start talking about the scenery or how u guys hardly talk or about this guy. Dw about colour im part black and my girlfriend is white perfectly normal lol. his dad won't give a shit. Just make sure when u do talk to to him leave on a good note like giving him your phone number.

  • You should tell him anyway. You have a perfectly rational reason for why you can't really do anything so tell him and give him something to look forward to.

    Just remember if you don't say anything you might die wondering. Don't fear rejection, its futile.

  • -if he has a problem with you being mixed then he's a scum bag stat wasn't would a second of your time
    -be a good student then his dad won't have negative thinks to tell him about you
    -talk to him more
    -if he doesn't remember your name then just tell him, we will most likely remember it to avoid a awkward situation later on
    -you won't know if he's into you if you don;'t find out
    -To avoid being creepy, just be freindly

  • Just talk to him and visually inspect his body language as you talk to him. If he gives off a slouched impression with a monotonic to boredom tone then you know for sure he's not interested in you. If he leans forward or even stands upright it means he is engaged and wants to talk with you more. Just remain calm and confident you won't creep him out and better to find out! Seize the day!

  • If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same spot; Go ahead and ask him. I was like you but you need to have courage and maybe things will turn great

  • Just start to talk to him more. And invite him to hang out. If he likes you he will start tohang out more then ask you to hang out. If you want to start as friends you have absolutely nothing to fear.

  • Go up to the guy and say hey i don't quite know you but would like to know if you would like to hang out and be friends remember you got take baby steps to let lead to anything big to happen ,

  • Just go talk to the guy, stop holding back.

    Who cares, by the way? If he isn't staff, then it's fine.

  • I would honestly be a bit creeped out if a stranger would come up to me and say that... I'd find it a bit awkward
    "Ehhm... okay, what do you want to know?"
    would be my reply..


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