What does a girl text when she's interested but shy and cautious?

Every time I flirt with her she will barely flirt back or ignore the flirting but we always text. At the end of our first date (we talked for weeks before meeting) I kissed her. She texted me tanking me for the nice evening. If I say things like cuddling you would be nice or stuff similar she replies with "I'm sure it would be" or something similar to that. She will flirt back sometimes. We've had very deep conversations about our future plans and kids and all that stuff. She's never been in a serious relationship. Is she interested based on how she responds to my flirting? She did immediately contact me after the date and she did kiss me


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  • she's just shy then.


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  • Just do what you say you want to do... instead of saying it. Sometimes I don't know how to respond either not because I'm shy but because I'd rather it just happen.

    • She ignored me for the entire day for the first time ever. I forgot to reply to her text the night before and I replied the next day telling her I fell asleep on her. She never replied. I asked her how her day was about 6 hours later and still nothing and then I sent another text and then I asked her if we were still good and that I look forward to our date Saturday and still nothing. She wasn't on Facebook at all though so she probably was busy. Was this clingy? Did I just fuck up my chances with her? Keep in mind our first date was amazing! Kissed her and hugged her and she contacted me right afterwards thanking me for a wonderful time! She's definitely interested but today was weird. Did she just ignore me because I ignored her and didn't say goodnight or was she just busy? Did I screw it up by texting back so much? I couldn't help it I'm worried now this wasn't like her

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    • I'm not convinced I should give up. Something is telling me she's testing me and makin me sweat a bit and seeing if I'll still hangout with her wventhough she said friends and blah blah. She probably thinks I'm a player

    • How do I handle this and hopefully win her

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