Describe the best date you've ever been on. What made it so memorable?


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  • It was Friday and we met around 4:30pm. We checked art gallery then walked along this street then took rest in cafe then walked again. We went somewhere else to have dinner and bar hopped. We finished like 2am then i stayed over at his place.
    It was a really good time.


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  • A difficult question, I've been on a lot of funny/memorable ones.

    For example, I took a girl out to a concert at an old church in the country (this was in the UK) while we were waiting we went across the road to a pub which was displaying a placard for a special on champagne so I ordered a bottle. When it came i asked to open it myself. I was sitting across the table from her when I popped the cork. It must have flown thirty feet in the air, I don't know because I wasn't looking up but it was gone a long time. I was talking and gesturing towards her and the cork suddenly landed (and stayed) in my hand.
    I looked at it casually and set it down between us thinking how cool I must look (who wouldn't?) but she didn't even notice.


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  • A concert
    And then a long walk late in the night together, he gave me a ride home too...
    And we really synced, it was the first date too


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