He's intent on meeting up again but won't call back?

When I call him, he's intent on hanging out, but he won't call back for one reason or another. Last time he was even in my part of the city, saying, "I think you should come hang out with me." but I couldn't because I had to study for an exam the next day...We settled on doing something Saturday and he said he'd call back the next day but didn't. This is the second time he hasn't called me when he said he would since we met almost two weeks ago. The first time, he genuinely lost my number since he's had a housing crisis, and professed his thankfulness that I texted him 5 days later asking what was up. (This particular day, he didn't know it was me texting, but when he figured out it was, he called me straight away, but I couldn't pick up because I was busy. I called him back but had to go after 30 min of chatting; so I told him I'd call back later. When I did, he didn't pick up but called back 10 min after, and we chatted some more.) In summary, I take the initiative to call him, we talk, he's the one to ask to hang out 3/4 times, I have to cut the conversation short, he says he'll call, and he doesn't. What's going on here?

Also, would it be OK to text him for coffee Sunday? (he had told me let's shoot for Saturday to hang out but hasn't called about the details...and between Wednesday and today, my Saturday's been filled.)


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  • Don't bother about initiative to call,he'll call, and he doesn't.Its OK.

    Things should always must be cleared.You must ask him about it.

    And for coffee Sunday, You must call him rather than text.

    Text does not give that perfect excitement as calling or face to face.

    And even he will feel good about it.



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  • I think he calls you when it's convenient for him but isn't THAT set on hanging out with you. Don't text him unless you're really bored

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