My bfs ex, still has pics of my boyfriend on her fb?

My boyfriend is def faithful to me, I know that there is no feelings towards her... They dated for 4 years ( college ) and they fell apart because she moved back home ( 6 hours away ) so he did not move up there and she did not move back down here... So I met him 4- or so months after they broke up. We are really in love and I know that... However. I found her on fb cause his mom and sister are friends with her, and I am friends on fb with them.. U know curious George... I went and saw her pics and she has pics of them as if they're dating still... I don't think she reaches out to him. Last Thanksgiving she text his mom and I think that was it... My question is... Why would she still have those? i gave a lengthy detail so that you can have a better idea because the question itself sounds tricky lol thanks for your advice


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  • simply.. some people r either too bored deletin their pics or she just finds it pointless to do. if u break-up wid someone u r not FORCED to delete yer pics u have together

  • She's just trying to makr other men jealous or make people think she's not single.

    • Mmm- I guess. Just bugs me I see her fb with my mans photos

    • Don't let that stand in the way of your happiness. If it's meant to be it shall be so.

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