Find myself unwilling to wait to have sex with this girl I recently meet and like?

i recently meet this girl at a bar , well i actually had seen her around before as were both from same small town but just never meet before. i find myself so attracted to her on a sexual level that i'm having a really hard time waiting for this to develope into something more serious. i saw/chatted with her last night at the bar and she looked so good i just wanted to have sex with her now ( think she sort of caught me checking out her sweet clevage and that might of annoyed her ) . but i realise she doesn't know me that well yet and were not even dating yet and i don't know how interested she'd even be in taking things further. maybe its the summer heat but i just want it now , should i like wait and try for an actual date with her or just try and take things further one night at bar?


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  • is this da "bar-guy"? i mean when u were mentionin bout a gal u saw in a bar wid her friend, but never seen her again after some point even if she was regular.

    correct me if i'm wrong

    • different girl but that might of been an older question of mine ( to answer that question I have not seen that girl again at that bar in like a month no idea where she went to ) this is a different girl I meet a couple weeks ago and have an interest in , I meet a lot of girls during the summer its very busy here and there plentiful

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    • no but is a couple I go to often and well known in. there a lot so get to know some of the girls who work there and regular customers

    • i see... then i guess u r not penniless

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