Girls, How do I talk to her?

I've been had a serious crush on this girl for the past 2 years and finally got the nurv to talk to her on kik it's her birthday today and I said hi happy birthday and I was sorry for not talking to her sooner she said it was fine and thanked me but she was really confused. Can anyone help me I want to talk to her tomarow but I don't know what to say and I want to ask her out but I don't know how we haven't ever talked befor this and I haven't seen her for a few months
How do I make her not feel so confused when I talk to her


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  • Okay the three C's everyone should have.
    1. Calm
    2. Cool
    3. Collective

    Be chill about being you. You do not want to make her confused. Take the wheel of he convo, and guide her. Just out of the blue saying happy birthday would confuse anyone, especially if you haven't talked/ seen in a while. Best thing to do is go into it gradually. Say hi, what are you doing... you know the usual starter. Then ask her how her summer is going, and what is she is doing or did so far. Get into stories, and make her get comfortable with the convo.

    Not to be mean, but asking her out tomorrow is a bad idea. You said she was confused about the convo today... well tomorrow for her is just stepping into the cold water. I would give it till the end of this week to make your move.

    • That's really good but I'm afraid to let her know bout my self and my past I'm not a bad person but she grew up in a totally different world an I think that I can oly talk to her when her friend is there she has no phone so on her birthday her friend knew I wanted to talk to her so she let her use hers it could be days befor we talk again

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    • I am so sorry!!! It's okay there are better fish in the sea... If you need anything I am here for you.

    • Thanks

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  • You need to calm down. It's justice nervousness. We get it. Don't left thats mess withdraw your head. So, just keep their convo casual and ask her likes, dislikes, favorites etc. Keep the conversation towards her and she'll be more into the convo but at the same time don't be interrogative. Relax! She is just a human.

    • That's the problem I've never actualy talked to people that u would call normal I grew up in the woods away from every one a logging family I didn't c a kid till I was 6 every one around we were the tuffest guy ud ever c so I don't know how to talk to normal people it was her birthday yesterday I've never had a birthday I don't even know what happens at one so just talking to her was crazy hard and I didn't do good at that at all trust me it went bad :(

    • Okay. cool then... Just know how to socialize first before you make any move. It's okay to wait for a while and learn stuff that you don't know and make a confident move rather than make a hasty move and be insecure about it. it's like this. There are million other girls on this planet, we're not running short of women any time soon. So, relax and have fun learning.

    • Well I'm 18 and ima try to join the marines as soon as possible sooo and the only people I could socialize with u would be afraid to walk past them on the street so it's not the best way to learn to talk to her

  • Lets start with how do you know her? Do u have mutual friend? Does she have a boyfriend?

    • From school have never talked and no boyfriend

    • OK so first, don't pursue her too much. start whith "hi good morning, whats up"? when she answers "hey, nothing much.." smile and walk away. like she's just another girl. Keep going a few more days like this and then during school break start a conversation with her. "i heard you did so and so..." "how is school going for you? oh yea i hate math too..." make small conversation. Don't brag on and make her uncomfortable.
      Make her want more. Make her wonder about you. Get to know her a little more, maybe you won't even like her after you'll get to know her.
      Then you'll see if she's attracted to you. If you have any mutual friends, ask them to talk about you "by the way" kind of thing. Ask them to see if there are any signs of attraction when you're near her. Like; is she happier around you, does she speak with a higher tone when you around, does she stare at you etc etc

      Hope I helped

    • I'm no going to school any more go kick out of my old one and my friends aren't good people I don't want them to be aroun her drug dealers addicts theafs always have the cops on them and I talked to her but she was really confused as to why it was her birthday so I didn't want to take her hole day so we only sent like three each and she hast been on seance yeasterday morning

  • ask her how she's been.


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