Should I be concerned that I haven't heard from her?

Me and this girl know each other fairly well. We work at the same college job but different departments. We see each other multiple times during the week. I took her out on a date and she knew it was a date. I assumed it was a fun for her because she was laughing the whole time and was playful the entire time. She fine with touching me and vise versa. She still has been responsive to my messages like not just one word answers. So she hasn't been ignoring but at the same time she hasn't been reaching out to me. Should I be concerned?


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  • its not a big deal.


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  • No. She's been responsive, what more do you want?

    You should probably cool it down. You don't want to come off as an obsessive psycho. You both see each other multiple times during the week, so you can talk then. If you're always sending her texts you might scare her off, because you're just starting a relationship, and you're acting clingy and needy.

    • I should clarify I might sound clingy and needy but I don't contact her through messaging. I've only talked to her twice this week. I know better than to bombard girls with messages and that stuff. It's just unusual because she usually will reach out to me.

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