Guys, what would you think if a friend who is a girl invites you to a hotel room?

I have a guy friend who I went to school with. We recently reconnected after 10 years at a coffee shop. He informed me that he has been liking me since we were in school and he wished he would have said something when we were in school. We have been talking on the phone for a while now and have seen each other a couple of times. Since we still both stay at home with our parents (we are 23), I wanted to possibly invite him to a hotel to get to know him better. Is this bad? Does that give the impression that I want to be intimate with him even though I don't? What would you guys think if a girl invited you to a hotel room?


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  • Hotel room... not at her home... It sounds like you'd be inviting him for intercourse. Sex.
    Why a hotel room?

    • I usually stay at a hotel from time to time to get away from my family. It gives me a place to get peace. When you grow up with seven siblings, it's hard to get some peace and quiet. I wanted to invite him there because I thought it would be a good place to talk

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    • Yea I'm not going to invite him to a hotel. I'll just do a coffee shop or something like someone mentioned. Thanks for your advice!

    • Read my thoughts there :) Coffee shop!

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