I think my girlfriend is mad at me, she seems to kind of be ignoring me, I can only think of one thing I did so what should I do?

The only thing i can think about it when we went to a paty/banquet 2 nights ago and i was just talking with this girl for about 30-40 minutes. Was what i did bad or something? My girlfriend was with other people and i just talked with this other girl and we took a pic together and she put it on instagram. No flirting, none of that stuff. Do you think that is why she is mad, what can i do?
Anyone else please?


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  • That may be possibly it, she proably felt as though u were hanging out with that girl way too long and ur girlfriend wanted you to be with her, plus u guys were taking pic togther. It may have felt uncomfortable to see u with the other girl. The best thing is to confront the problem by tskking to your girlfriend abiut it. Just go somewhere you guys can talk and ask her what's wrong and mention how she's been acting different towards u. Communicatin with her is the best way to get answers. :)

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  • She's mad because you were more than likely flirting with another girl lol I'd be upset if my boyfriend took a picture with another girl... especially if she posts it on ibstagram... and also what is your girlfriends relationship with this girl.. is it someone she doesn't get a long with cause that would be the tip of the iceberg

    • umm well she gets a long with her, but doesn't know her good. So I don't know will that get me in more trouble?

    • I would ask her if she is ok and apologize. Girls are silly, we take this more personal than she would. You just need to show her you care and she will come around.

    • yeah, she got mad at me 2 or 3 months ago, we dont get into many arguments, but i will talk to her and try and get on her good side again

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