What are his intentions?

I have a friend named Ben I know him closer than any other guy I know. We hung out a couple of times and he's really close friends with my friend Lee. leah DOES NOT like him she has made that very clear. She told me that he was basically wondering if we could kiss if and I wouldn't force Him into relationship. i think he is against a relationship because he just broke up with his girlfriend and the girl that he broke up with his girlfriend for didn't like him. I have not had a boyfriend in like two years and I really want something like that. someone who can be my friend and I can have that connection with but I don't have to be there every five seconds and every day to hold their hand. But Lee and I are a little scared of his intentions. I'm just hoping he will NOT consider me a fuck buddy. because I am not an overly sexual being and I don't intend to change for someone not considering a real relationship. What do you think his intentions are please be truthful this is crucial.


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  • he doesn't want something serious.


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