Guy invited me to his house. is there more behind it?

Long story short, i went to an event last week and met a guy through our mutual friend. The guy seemed to be flirting with me then.

Anyway, tonight i got a text from our mutual friend saying the guy had invited me to his place for his bday party. The guy doesn't really know me well and i dont know him to much either.

What intention would a guy have for inviting you to his place?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm pretty sure you're interested in him, and projecting that desire to his actions.

    He didn't invite you. Your mutual friend did. Some conversation happened between them about his birthday, and your name got tossed in the list of invitations.

    • I am interested in him but since then the guy has added me on fb, dropped me off home with his car and bought me a drink I think he might be into me too.. at least a bit. Besides, I was the only girl the guy/his mutual friend had invited out of a group of girls, which sounds a bit weird as some of the other girls complained when they found out he had a house party and didn't tell them.

Most Helpful Girl

  • He likes you and thinks you're a chill person. He probably wants to get know you further and inviting you to his party is a good way to start without moving as fast as just asking you out.


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  • To get to see you and to get to know you more. Just don't get drunk around this guy while you are getting to know him at his party.

    • Well there is going to be alcohol involved but ill try not to have too many drinks.

    • Yea don't. You don't want to get drunk and regret it the next day

  • If this the first time

    Play it out I and see where it's going. Any hint of aggressions, then you leave.


What Girls Said 1

  • He just wants more guests so he gets more presents


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