Is possible lower fertility a big turn off for men when looking at a woman?

I have hypothyroid since birth and I have to take synthroid. My doctor never said I will have fertility problems but I am only 24 and never tried so maybe it never came up. I read that hypothyroid women can have fertility problems but I Am not sure if that is only if they are untreated-I am treated.

Is possible difficulty conceiving goign to ruin my chances of getting a husband? maybe I should find a guy with kids? I am not infertile but it is possible to have difficulty.


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  • It can affect your chances, not gonna lie. There are men that want to have kids of their own (like me), but there are others that don't want kids at all, already have kids, or they prefer to adopt.

    You still have plenty of options, don't worry.


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  • You're fine as long as you're taking synthroid. Don't worry about it.

  • Not really. I don't want many kids.


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