Would you not date someone if you found out they had body dimorphic disorder? Even if you liked them beforehand?

I've been struggling for a while. I obsess over my flaws including my acne, arms, stomach, and freckles. It gets in the way of my life to think my flaws will make me unattractive even if a majority of myself is attractive. I dont think I'm ugly at all but I stress over my physical flaws constantly and I am about to get help because its that bad. If you found out the guy/girl you liked has body dismorphic disorder would this turn you away or would it not be a big deal. I want to accept myself so badly but it's hard and I'm just sick of being insecure.


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  • I have been there before
    Dated a girl who was sooo insecure and nothing I could do or say would change that

    I would do it again... I have body dimorphic disorder I obsess over my thin wrists and ankles I am embarrassed by my calves and hate how my legs are skinny, I also have a knot on my head from getting punched... And it wil never go away...

    I work hard on my flaws, try to get my legs bigger etc but I always see my flaws and feel I will never be good enough...

    I suggest seeing a psychiatrist
    I see one every week and it helps me with my anxiety issues and my self perception

    I have become much more secure but I still hate seeing my wrists and ankles lol it sounds so crazy to write it out... To think I obsess over these things

    • I wanna do that I just don't know how expensive it is. I go to the counseling center at my uni which is free but I feel like I need to find somewhere else.

    • It is pretty expensive
      But I think it's worth going to even if you go once or twice

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  • Nope.
    Sorry but I can't handle excessive drama anymore. It's annoying af. I'm determined to be happy and I can't have someone else's dramatic baggage messing that up


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  • I wouldn't care if she was receiving treatment for it. But if she wasn't doing anything then I would have a problem.


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  • I wouldn't go for personality not looks if they like you without makeup your ok they like you for you


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