I'm confused, do you think he likes me?

I used to sail with a guy named Jonas we were friends but didn't talk much. That was two years ago. The other day I followed him on Instagram, today I was at my little brothers lacrosse tournament and I thought I saw him so I texted him he replied and we texted for a long time he is still sailing so he wanted me to join the team and come sail sometime then he asked if I was going to the beach at the same time he was. When I said I couldn't do either he got kinda sad and said he would see me at school next year after that he tried to continue our conversation for a long time. I kinda like him but would it be weird to tell him and if not what should I say?


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  • Yeah he definitely likes you ! Honestly just tell him straight up guys like that ! Good luck! Could you please answer my question

  • he likes you.


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