Dealing with New Boyfriend Break - Is it Done?

I met the guy I'm currently seeing online. He was in the process of moving across the country to my city for his job. We talked a lot via text/Skype/phone calls for a month and a half before he finally moved to my city. Once he arrived here, we spent every day together, playing tourist. I loved every minute. We had small arguments occasionally but I didn't think too much of them. I looked at it as finding out who we both were in person rather than through a phone. He moved in with me for a week and a half before his apartment became ready. We quickly discovered it's not easy (and probably not healthy) to be in such a new relationship and see each other 24/7. When he moved out (literally the day he moved out), he became very distant. I asked if something was wrong and he repeatedly told me no. However, it was very obvious something was not right. Finally, after much questioning, he told me he needed space. I didn't handle it very well. I told him I felt used. He took me out for my birthday (no card, no cake, no flowers) and at the end of the night, he told me again that now he needed space. I asked if he was seeing someone else or wanted to and he said no, that he just needed space. I'm going on day 3 of no contact with him and I'm dying. I want to respect his request but it hurts my heart so much. I've tried talking to him but I'm always told the same thing: "Space, please." He's new and knows no one in this town. I know he's been doing tourist things by himself and it makes me jealous - I want to experience all the adventure with him! I'm trying very hard not to contact him until he contacts me. I set a two week rule - if I don't hear from him by then, I take it we are done. I guess I'm just looking for some advice/support. Thoughts. Please?


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  • He realized that you aren't the one for him. Let him be. He wants to explore without you. I think you should close this chapter of your life and move on. Doesn't sound like he wants to keep this relationship, for one reason or another...


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