My friend decided to confess his love to me what to do?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now. We're very happy together and we love each other very much. My friend knows that yet he decided to confess his love to me today.
He just got finished with basic training and is planning on coming home on the 23rd which I was super excited about until he texted me today and basically told me he loved me.. now I don't even really want to deal with him tbh

I always knew he had a crush on me but he never had his crap together (he was always trying to have sex with random girls and be flashy and show off to his guy friends and act all stupid) so I always dated serious guys who weren't afraid to show they loved and cared about me (he's the type to be afraid of looking "whipped" and be like "nah man" if someone ever asks if he loves someone) so yeah he gets his crap together and enlists in the military instead of screwing around at community college and taking easy classes that have nothing to do with his major and now he decides to disrupt the balance of our friendship?

I don't know how to react. What to do. I don't even really wanna see him or know how to deal with seeing him. What if he brings it up again? How do I respond? I don't want to be with him anymore that ship has sailed (he's had soooo many chances. I've known him for 8 years but nope all throughout highschool and college he's always been trying to have sex with easy girls he never tried to make it official between us).

I'm actually just really angry at him for bringing the subject up at all. I just feel like it's too little too late. My best friend says I should play dumb and pretend like the conversation never happened and hang out with him as usual, but I feel really uncomforable at this point. Is she right? Should I just shrug it off and act like it was a drunken text message even though I know it was serious?


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  • So, you settled with your be, that's always nice to know -_-

    • Bf*(filler)

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    • Ok... I'm ignoring you now. You're not helping or answering the question at all.

      Should I stop talking to my friend completely or hang out as usual and act like he never confessed his love?

    • Think you just don't want to admit I'm right, do what you want, but just know, you settled!

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  • If you like him GO FOR IT GIRL!!! It might turn out really good

    • I don't like him. It's just awkward now. I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and I was looking forward to hanging out with my friend as a friend when he got back home and he's all "I love you" and I'm like uhh... so should we hang out still orr?

    • If you don't like him you should gently tell him you don't like him in that way and after that avoid him for about 3 days to help him settle down then it might be back to normal hope that helps

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