What's wrong with having 6 inches?

i hang out with a few guys and some of the girls we hang out with hate one of our guy friend's and tend to challenge him

they call him names, provoke him, they even got a little mad wheh he blurred out he was packing 6 inches

i got a chuckle though only because i think the chicks would have stopped and they kinda did
the guy is always mad and angry and only says a few words so i'm kinda asking myself WHY you know what i mean?


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  • There's nothing wrong with it. The average length tends to be between four inches and six.
    I don't know why the girls would have been going at him but without much of a backstory there's not much speculation I can have about it.


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  • lol they are just acting like little girls.. thats the perfect size if you ask me.. if i was that guy i would just talk shit back and say there where lose.

  • sounds like a bullshit story to me. What kind of girls would laugh at that. thats even above average. i call b. s...

  • it's normal i don't know why anyone would say anything

  • A six inch pizza is rather small, no?

    • It is what it is

      The guy is average in my opinion so he isn't at a loss

      Again in my opinion just leave it aside if you don't want it... those girls ain't God and it's not like he'll gain anything from them besides sex

    • Who said anything about penises?

      A 6" pizza is a personal pizza. Too small. Mama wants a 12" pizza for leftovers.

    • good

  • Tell you're bro to forget about those trashy girls , he can do betteeeeeer!


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