Is he interested in me as a friend or more?

Okay so I am a 15 year old girl and the guy I like is the same age as me. So i'll get right to it, he has asked me out two times before (A little while back) and i wasn't super interested in having a relationship with him. We are very very good friends and trust each other with EVERYTHING. He had a girlfriend not too long ago that he had recently broken up with because I, quote on quote, helped him realize that she turned him into a person he is not. He told me I bring out the best in him. Also, a while back he had told me his way of flirting is giving girls a TON of compliments which he seems to give me quite a lot of compliments. He also says he enjoys having really good conversations with me and likes that I never bore him. Also, he always says that we hav so much in common and that we enjoy a lot of the same things. We make each other laugh non stop and he says he misses me and he doesn't want to move. He is moving next year and will be attending a different school. My only drawback is that he tend social guy and a lot of girls are attracted to him in that friend sort of way. So Im wondering if he is interested in me as a ffriend or he is interested in a relationship with me? Thanks in advance!
Oh and yes I forgot to mention that I am interested in him. And also, excuse my typos towards the end,


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  • He likes you

  • He's definitely crushing on you for sure. Assuming you feel the same, I think you should try going out like soon since he'll be leaving next year. You wouldn't want to spend the rest of next year wondering what it could've been like. Each minuet you're not with him, you're gonna be wasting away and regret all the time not spent with him when could've been.


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