Will he like me when he see me?

First i have a boyfriend we have been talkin like year and 7 months. we met online on instagram. But the problem is we have never seen each other in real we both in the same city. few times he saw me by chance like i was walking on street and saw me.. he was geting so mad at me bc he wanted to see me. but i couldnt find a chance bc im scared of seeing him what if someone saw me with him and in my city its just wrong two people date b4 marriage.. how i can i go on a date with him without my parents find out in what place will be the best? And will he like me i mean when he see the real me and my face? He saw me by pictures.. buy i feel like maybe he won't be i interested in me when he see my face in real when it comes to thia i just feel unconfidint cause u really wanna stay with himmm so bad.. he was thinking about a movie but we can't talk there right! But still there would be cool for a first date? Please gelp maybe its silly for you but it means a lot to mee. sorry for my bad language im not English. thankss


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  • Sounds dangerous to me. Make it a double date with a friend

    • Ops i just 👎 actually it was 👍

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  • holy crap are you looking to get kidnapped? How do you know he isn't an old man waiting to meet up with you and take you? How do you know he saw you? Did he just tell you that? Don't be an idiot

    • No i have seen him and my frind from school and he are cousins. so i trust him a lot i dont worry about that

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    • Give me advicee . What to do when i first see him give him a guh or just hii?

    • Just hi and hug sounds weird unless he goes for one

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