First date. kiss and sex but he didn'n ask me to be his girlfriend. Is it normal?

We've been known eachother about 3month.
He was always teasing and touching me a lot so I thought he really likes me.
Finally he asked me to go out.

We ate dinner and he said don't think it's serious. It's just a casual friend thing. I shoked... WHAT?
but I pretended I'm not shoked.

Then we drank alcohol and drunk just little.
Walked and kissed.. sex. WE WERE SOBER

I said is it okay? we are not a couple I think it's not right.
He said just slow down. go slow
I don't know what his thinking
He was so sweet all the time and pay for all.

Is it normal sex first? Do you think I can trust him?
What GO SLOW means? I just want to be his girlfriend


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  • Well I'm sorry to say that people know how to take advantage of others. I would like girls not to let guys use them.


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  • Fucking on the first "date" is not taking things slow first off. Secondly you're just a piece of puss to him.. so if you want a boyfriend, find a different guy.

    • Yeah I sure as fuck learned my lesson doing that... it does not work trust me. it sounds like he told her upfront that it was purely casual as it is, so take his word for it.

    • Truth be spoken

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  • Yes it happens. It's different for everyone


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