My boyfriend needs space from me.. help?

My boyfriend and i a few weeks ago got into a huge argument and almost broke up but then recovered, after that we barely saw each other bc of our work schedules, but still communicated each morning and night to tell each other good morning/night etc. everything was great! This past Monday we saw each other and had the best time ! After Monday however he got super busy, and i just noticed that he was texting me differently. he usually is super enthusiastic uses a lot of emojis or says i love you to me every day. I brought it up to him last night in a phone call which he brushed off and said "what do you want from me im busy'' in a rude tone. then after he hung up i texted him a long message saying how i felt he was rude on the phone and how i love him and out of concern just wanted to know if everything was okay or if he needed to talk about what was bothering him at work he could talk to me. I had the purest intention to help him out and only pointed out that he was texting me differently out of concern regarding if he was okay ! Then he replied back with saying ''i love and care for you so much but i need a day or so to think about things'' im just so confused bc a) he was rude to me on the phone and b) I feel i didn't do anything THAT bad to him to deserve this space or break that he's making me go through. I feel like he might want to break up. Can anyone offer me their opinion on this situation? Were my actions so harmful that he needs all this space from me?


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  • He appears to be stressed out and thinks you are adding to the stress. It could go either way regarding a breakup. I would think about what your plans are if the relationship goes sour to reduce the pain if it happens. I am leaning towards it working out because he said he loves you.


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  • Give him the space he needs. He probably still feels sour because of the argument.


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  • Give him some space... he has a life too... He needs to work too, he can't stay hanged to you!

    If you really care about him, meet him in person and make him feel better by making him feel special.

  • Give him space, then.


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