Why do some guys beg for dating advice but never listen to it?

It's a really annoying phenomenon, specifically with 'Nice Guys'. He begs someone to help his love life, but he does nothing but argues with people when they give him advice. THEN he has the nerve to claim "Women/Feminists/Players/People are awful! No one's helping me". What is he trying to gain by doing that crap?

I mean, everybody get crappy advice once and awhile, but what's the point of continuing to use that crappy advice and not hearing anyone's different advice/opinion?


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  • People are the way they are for reasons which can be difficult or impossible to change. When you give them advice which requires a change they can't or don't want to make they argue with you because they don't want it to be true.

    There is nothing so unwelcome as a truth we would rather were a lie.


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  • I've noticed that too, you provide a potential solution and they argue with you. I've come to the conclusion some people don't want help, all they want to do is argue.

  • What was your advice to him?


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  • No idea
    but sometimes I feel like punching my guy friend

    • lol Why? XD

    • Like

      He's shy and asks me ON REPEAT 'Does she like me'. He keeps looking at her, she keeps looking at him.
      Then I say 'Go up to her and talk' and then he's like 'Nooooooooo!! Anything But That!!!'
      And the next day I hear "I don't know if she likes me, it drives me nuts"

    • my reply..."You don't say"

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