Is this strange, what should I do now?

So, there's this girl, that I kinda want to ask out, and, I just realized something really weird, well, not realized it, it's just strange. Okay, so, when I first liked her it was pretty much 100% based on looks, yeah, call me an asshole, but, hey, she's nice looking, right? The thing is, though, as I've gotten to know her a bit better, I've gotten a lot less nervous. Like, this is actually the opposite of some other girl who I was pretty confident around and wasn't really into until I got to know her, at which point I got really nervous and paranoid. The girl I like now, well, the better I get to know her, the less I'm really into her (I mean that in a good way, because I used to think she was out of my league). I just, is that strange? We have similar interests and personalities, except I'm also a maniac that can go between being actually happy and happy in a death-wish sense pretty easily... anyway, um, one, is this weird, and two, how can I not get friendzoned, I mean, since I'm just getting to know this girl (though I've known her for a really long time, we just didn't really talk) and would rather get to know her better before asking her out, blah, blah, what should I do?
Tl;dr Feeling more confident now that I like this girl for more than looks, wanna know how to not fuck up again


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  • its not strange.


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