Am I being friendzoned?

Ok so there is this girl I used to work with and I've always had a thing for her, and always wanted to put the moves on her, we get along great she always laughs at my jokes, teases me. I hadn't before because she had a boyfriend. About a month ago, she found me on Facebook since I no longer work with her, and we've been talking. Anyways I asked if she was seeing anybody, she said she wanted to remain single for awhile. We went to a movie last night and there is so much awkward sexual tension. I don't know if it's in my head because that's what I want.
like I straight up want to pull her to me and kiss her. She's kinda shy and quiet though and hard to read. Is she wanting me to make the first move? Anyways after the movie I asked if she was going home right away and she said she was going to go to her friends so I said goodnight and told her to hit me up if she wanted to do soemething today. Then there was this awkward part cause I normally would've gone in for a kiss, or a hug and I think she wanted me to but I just hopped in my truck and drove off.
then to make matters worse I asked her if she had wanted one. That when it for really weird cause then I had to explain that I thought she had wanted one.
Anyways, am I making it awkward by having feelings for her, should I just be her friend? Or should I go for what I want?
I should add, I am all screwed up with dating because the last three women I dated either wanted me to choke them until they pass out, slap them in the face, or buy their parents tires for their car. She's a good girls and I like and don't want to screw anything up, I just don't know what's normal now lol


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  • You are not getting friendzoned for sure, but remember to kiss her the next time you guys hang out.


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  • you're not friendzoned (yet! ) but you're on the path if you do not go for what you want


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