I asked this indian guy out before finals... It's summer now, and he's come back to me... but I need help. I dont have self confidence.. :(?

He's a junior (11th) and i'm a sophomore (10th) and i've had feelings for him ever since 6th grade. Before I'd asked him out, i faced an awfully awkward situation with him. We never really talked for hours and never had one on one conversations. Around some time ago when my sister was admitted in the hospital due to aspirational pneumonia and I had an eating disorder, which i'm ashamed of, he asked me such an absurd question on watsapp. 'have you ever masturbated?' i freaked out.. it disturbed me.. but i chilled out a little cuz it was'nt that he laid his hand on me or anything.. but still we did'dnt talk for so long.. and i told my closest aunts about this whole thing.. she understood.. i also told her that i liked him.. she adviced i'd not go around talking about it to everyone spreading rumours and stuff. but god this is not even so serious looking back at it feel a jerk now... :( she told me to go talk his mom privately about this.. because what alarmed us was that his 9 year old sister told me that he made her watch porn!!! :O so.. i was just concerned.. and my aunt said that his mom is pretty open minded and would'nt mind at all. we were at a cafe and she was shocked at the same time calm she comforted me and asked me if she wanted us to be put into different transports to school and stuff. i said i had nothing against him and she understood me.. the next day he came apologized to me and pleaded that we she talk all over again. thats when... i melted and confessed my feelings for him he replied 'aww' i told him i was being serious and it was for a long time. thats when he said'maybe'. and today yes we're just two messed up dates in the middle east where there's no shit to do.. all we do is meet 10:00AM downstairs in our building.. and its fucking dusty and its ramadan.. so the prayers are on... all im hoping is that i can runaway back to Canada and he's going on vaccation to Canada im stuck i this god damn desert the entire summer.. i have to sacrifice it for my sisters surgery


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