Does he love me?

I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year and found out a few months back he was smoking. I have a problem with that and asked him to stop. And he promised me he would. His parents found out and grounded him. It's been over four months and whenever he gets his privileges back he does something stupid and I can't talk to him. I haven't seen him in over a month. Last week he called me and and he promised me he'd stop and wouldn't do anything stupid. And when I asked for him to come over, thinking he could go somewhere with me his mother told me he was found smoking and lost his privileges again.
His mother is hard to believe and I hear two different stories from my boyfriend and his mother. I don't know who to believe not know what to do.
I don't know if he loves me when he keeps breaking promises. This has been going on for seven months.
Also we are sexually active and I feel like he wants to me with me because we have sex.
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  • I assume you mean cigarettes?
    firstly, I'm sorry I can not answer your 'main' question. However, as far as stopping smoking is concerned... he may want to stop... and has 'promised' you that he will, BUT stopping smoking is one of the hardest things to do. it is an addiction.
    it is SO hard to stop. I haven't smoked for nearly 15 years and I am determined noit to start again. I once stopped for 3 years but started again..(I know I was stupid!!).
    even tho I've been stopped for 15 years and I'm the worse ex smoker EVER I hate it now... people that smoke stink ! its awful... here in UK there's an indoor smoking ban everywhere! but even when people are outside I hate it but even so I still would not dare to have a cigarette cos I know I'd prob start again. its a horrible addiction :-(
    he needs to be in the right frame of mind to stop and if you want to help him, you need to support him. one of the best bits of advice anyone has ever given me was "you will always be a smoker, but you choose not to smoke". ie: always be on your guard!
    how old is your BF? I find it odd that your age is 21, yet you say that his mother 'grounds' him?

    • I'm actually 16 and he's turning 17 soon. He is a mix between of pot and weed but I think he stopped the weed. He drinks on the side to sometimes. But he steels cigarettes and smokes them. This must of been his first In a few weeks.
      I never thought of being supportive. I usually just tell him that if break up with him and he'd stopped if he'd love me.

    • I only ever smoked cigarettes. sorry I assumed you meant them. I honestly do not know if pot and weed are addictive?
      I know in the village I live a LOT of people smoke it. personally I just don't get it. but what the hell at 16 years old is he doing smoking that crap? I'm more concerned that YOU start smoking it cos of him?

    • Totally against it. Haha.

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