How to help a friend get over an ex who is playing games?

My friend was in a relationship with a girl for couple of years. Long story short they been apart since February 2014. She keeps calling him out the blue knowing that it brings up feelings on his end then she stops all contact and pops up again. She recently did this and told him she changed her mind she's going to stay with her boyfriend. O gave him advice telling him she is playing a game to make sure he keeps his feelings for her. That sh is using him as her backup and if she really had feelings she would have contacted him while she was single not while she was in a relarelationship. Is there anything else i can do to help him or just leave him with the advice i gave and hope he takes it?
Guys how do finaly get over a female that is playing games? But you have strong feelings for.


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  • Looks like he is still in the denial stage. He hasn't quite grasped the fact that they're over so he's taking what little attention she's giving him as a sign to harbour false hope. Try to get his mind off of her. Do some attention-demanding activities, introduce him to other people. Basically show him that he's better off without her. Maybe you should be brutally honest with him, too. Sometimes that's the only thing that works.

    • I did i told him she's playing a game and the she is using him as her back up so when she's done doing her and what she wants she might go back to him. But she basicly wants him to wait around for her. The problem is that we kinda had a situation and she poped up. So i dont know how he's really taking the advice i gave

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    • Thank you. I really appreciate it.

    • No problem. Glad I could help somehow n_n

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