I only get older guys?

Guys and girls. I'm 15 and going to sophomore year. I met this guy who will be a senior through a friend and after sometime he confessed to me. I didn't decide if I wanna date him but I'm thinking. He's already 18 though and is already calling me babe, love and all that stuff. He also is asking me for sex but I'm just 15. I know most of the older guys want a sexual relationship too. The problem is that I only attract older guys. When I was 13 a 16 y/o guy confessed to me, when I was 14 a 19 y/o guy said he liked me and not a long time ago a 21 y/o guy also confessed and now this 18 y/o guy. And they all want sex and I don't feel ready cause I'm just 15. If I told them I wouldn't want sex with then but I would like to date them, would they still date me?


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  • Well they'd end up in jail if they had sex with you. I think they just want you for sex. Why else would adults want to be with a 15 year old girl?

    • I have a lot of friends under age that did that though. They all say its good and alright. But even that way I think like that too. ;-; but I don't think in saying: stop asking or I call the police. Is just that even though I want a boyfriend for a highschool date, I only get boys like that :/

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  • They'd prey on you at prearranged times in efforts to get you to have sex with them if that's what you mean by dating. Stick to guys closer to your own age for now and then when you're older and know yourself and others date older guys if you still want to.

    • I try too, the only guys that like me tho are 3 or 4+ years older than me

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    • Yeah, I'll do it. But sometimes it's just that thing inside of you "I wish I had a boyfriend"

    • I understand. But a romantic relationship should be something that enriches your life and makes it easier. Not something you have to be suspicious of becuase the other person doesn't respect your boundaries.

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  • Of course they would still date you but they'll keep bugging you for sex tho. The thing is, will they stay with you after they get the sex?


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  • Your only fifteen you shouldn't be even thinking about that kind of stuff. Get through high school, then think about men. Guys that just want that are bad news.


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