Girls, if you had a guy friend who had a crush on a really attractive girl, what advice would you give him?

Imagine you had a guyfriend that developed a crush on a really attractive girl. She was beautiful, popular and all her ex's are bigger, stronger and more popular than your guyfriend but that was almost all you really knew about her. Your friend is sweet, sensitive and funny but has average looks, is shy and more of a 'nerd' than someone really popular. You get on really well with him and don't want to see him hurt.

He is thinking about asking her out and doesn't really seem to think about the fact that she is much more attractive and popular than him.

Do you:

a.) Tell him to go with it and ask her out!


b.) think that that she might be out of his league and try and discourage him from asking her out as it might hurt/embarrass him.
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  • B. Try and discourage him for his own good
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Tell him to go for it. Almost all the guys I have dated, I have had to ask them out myself. Attractive girls don't get asked out as often as you think. Most nice girls ( if she is single) will probably say yes to a coffee. Just remember, you are there for him if it doesn't go to plan. Take him out for a drink and a guys night out.


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What Girls Said 5

  • As his friend, I wouldn't discourage him, because you never know what's going to happen. The girl may have a secret geeky hobby, and they may hit it off.

    The worst thing the girl can do is say no to a relationship with him. As his friend, you should be there to comfort him and support him, not tear him down.

    I wish him luck with the girl!

  • I mean honestly, I'd completely support him in whatever decision he made. I mean... I wouldn't tell him he couldn't ask her out, but I would probably vocalize my fears about him not being her type. I'd emphasize that I don't want to see him get hurt, but that if he does want to ask her out I'll totally support him.

  • I would completely support him. My best friend is one of the best guys I know and she would be a total idiot if she said no, so if she did she would be a waste of his time anyway

  • Don't discourage him, instead, help him figure out the best way to go about asking her out.

  • That depends on how hurt I think he will be if she rejects him. If the girl mostly goes for buff popular guys, there's a fair chance she will say no to him, but it never hurts to try, right? I'd advise him to go for it only if I know he can take the rejection well, otherwise I'd at least try to hint that she might not be a good match for him.


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