I was talking to this other girl and bought her a drink, would you consider that cheating on my girlfriend?

I went to a social club/lounge thingy, my girlfriend brought me there so I don't know what it's really called. My girlfriend was going to meet some people there so i just tagged along. I told her to go with the other people i will wait. So i sat at the bar just on my phone and this girl came up to me and we started talking. I'am a nice guy so i bought her a drink. I also told her i had a girlfriend too. So we chatted for 25 minutes about and then she left. As she was leaving my girlfriend came up to me and got mad. In the car i told her to calm down, and i didn't like the girl and so on. My girlfriend says i'm a "asshole" for buying her a drink. I mean c'mon was it that bad? When i told her she was overreating she told me to shut up and keep driving lol


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  • You were flirting dude! Of course your girlfriend would be mad, relationships has limits on other people, if your girlfriend was flirting and buying a guy a drink, how would you feel?

    • well if she explained it me i would be ok

    • thats just me

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