What does it mean when a guy stares at u.. when ur watching tv?

What does it mean when u find a guy looking at u alot? We r friends with benefits n its going gd i am afraid commitment atm is difficult with my daughter but weve recently started hanging out more n i find this slowly changing what does this mean?


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  • That you are more interesting than what's on tv.

    • Yeah but he's never really done that before he's started to act more like he's interested than normal n i jus wish i knew what was going on in his head lol

    • Then jokingly state it.

      ''Am I so pretty, or does this tv show suck''?

    • Awesome thanks.. 😊

Most Helpful Girl

  • He's bored, he wanna do something more, like kissing


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  • I think he really likes you :)


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