How is dating in middle east?

I think middle east it's different from western culture. I don't know how much differences could it be, like the guy pay everything? that's what I heard... and also I don't know how it is texting? are guys there into texting a lot? cuz I'm dating this guy from middle east, and he say he likes to pay always for his date, and I didn't allow him at first but after a few dates he insist he would pay. Also, when we text he is not that charming as he is when we see each other...


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  • guy likes girl. guy offers 10 camels to girl's parents. guy and girl are married :)


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  • I've heard that they have a habit of buying her from her parents. I might be completely wrong though.


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  • basically he's not charming when ya two text? lol

    • or cute, whtvr, English is not my frist language.

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    • thank u, yeh it is. once i say to him that he was very weird, but i didn't say why... hahaa anyway, the other day he called me "friend" I dunno if he is messing with me head or he doesn't know what he wants? Because sometimes we act like couples but we are not oficial yet.

    • ahahh well give him a chance and see if he really is a nice guy

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