Would you date anyone from the black Israelite true Hebrews?


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  • Depends.. And how I think of it

    • The KKK is only in place because of them. We know the bible is what it is and that is a story to teach humans how to live without the animosity they are bringing. What their preach is hypochondriacs to their teaching. That book was written for non animosity purposes a long time ago before it became outdated and nothing more then metaphorical.

    • You have a very good point

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  • I heard about them on Jerry srpinger they appeared as guests in the late 90's I would not they are racist.

    • all these Eco hazards the white man created yet if you use an example of a country such as Africa, we must go there and prevent them from dying from their pollution... I aim to show they bias and wrong doing.. When I show their God was and bible was invented humans and not a single God proving their bias and racist.

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    • You know what's funny they wouldn't even accept you into their group cause they wouldn't consider you to be black they would actually try and kill you if they could they would say you can't join your not a black Israelite.

    • Yeah but joke is on them.

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  • I saw a bit on Louis Theroux about the black Israelites, I don't know if I'd date one because I can't tell if they're serious or not. lol

  • not at all


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