Where did I go wrong?

So me and this girl know each other. We see each other a lot and just had a date. I'm pretty sure we both had fun as we were both laughing the entire time. We also kept playfully pushing each other. She opened up a lot which was unusual because it was some personal stuff and she seems guarded. She also referenced doing future things with me. I said hey I had fun the other night and was just seeing you were free next week to go out again. Her response was "Haha uhm maybe… lol just depends if I'm free cause I think I'm quite busy next week! Sorry!! Lol" I said No big deal. Just let me know and if not we'll figure out another time. She responded with "sure!" Does she sound disinterested? She has done this before and I know she is a busy girl working a ton of hours. I haven't talked to her for the past few days. I just don't know what I did wrong. Why would she reference the future with me and tell me personal things like this if she didn't like me? I will be seeing her in person tomorrow. It's just part of our week.


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  • I am not her, but she does still sound interested. She probably is really busy next week and just wanted you to know that, and it doesn't seem like she is blowing you off. The reason you may not have talked to her is because girls don't always lie to initiate conversation. We like when you guys text first. Or, if she is comfortable with starting the conversation she may be giving it a while so she doesn't come off clingy. It sounds like you guys had a great time on the first date and from how she acted I would say she is interested, but again, I don't know her so I can only guess.

    • Thanks so much! It seems like she is. She even told someone she was going on a date with me. Everyone I've talked to that see us interact think she is interested.

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    • Thank you so much again! So you wouldn't be flirty with the guy. Also would you give an answer like she did or just say you're busy.

    • I would probably just say I was busy and leave it at that!

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