How can there actually be someone for EVERYONE?

I'm talking about relationships and dating.

The word "everyone" is rarely used anyway. But I could agree that probably 99 percent (just a guess) could find someone to date, have a relationship and have sex with if they wanted to. However, I do think there is a SLITHER of people in the world who can't find a relationship or any form of intimacy, no matter HOW hard they try.

-Some people are born with rare medical conditions which make them physically unattractive to nearly everyone, and so SEVERE, to where people can't possibly date them (I know this is harsh but it's true.)
-Some people have an extreme personality disorder, whether it be a severe case of social awkwardness (to where everyone thinks they're odd) or an extremely unappealing personality.
-Some people might have extreme mental illnesses as well, to where their illness is so stigmatized, people are off-put by it.

These are just three random examples but you get my point: A slither of the population can't date, as much as they might want to OR try to. It's sad but it's true.

What do you guys think?
@BelleGirl21 Very well put! I also thought your story was heartwarming. Thanks.


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  • I think it's very true what you're saying. But I think it's very slim. Even my mentally handicapped cousin found someone, got married and had a baby. Granted, he's not a 10/10 guy either but they seem very much in love and happy.

    I actually believe that there is more than one someone for the majority of people.


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  • It's a saying used to cheer up people and make them feel better. Don't take it literally and so seriously!

  • I think it means the sex ratio world wide is about 50:50, so technically, there should be someone for everyone if you're not picky at all.

    • By ratio, this makes sense. However, not everyone is on the same playing field.

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    • What the synonym of that word? A tiny number?

    • Yes! That's exactly what it means.

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  • technically's impossible.

    Y? Coz there's no accurate 50:50 ratio... it doesn't matter wether they r male or female... gay or str8... and even if everyone wipes out their standards, and sexualities and everyone has a match... wot if world's population # is an odd and not an even #?

    There will be a person without a match :p

  • bro... lets be serious,
    there isn't someone for everyone

    but there are many girls who are singe, so hey we gotta try

    • I agree. I wasn't putting myself in this category. I just meant there are a slither of people in this category, whether people want to admit it or not.

    • well of course they are, but these things aren't to be taken literally

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