Ways to make a long distance relationship work?

My partner is going oversease to live in Greece for a few months. Any advice as to how to maintain a long distance relationship? Tips or tricks?


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  • GREECE? I hope he survives... jk

    But I think you need to go into it with very clear expectations on both of your parts. How often and how much contact do you want to maintain? How much interaction with potential new friends of the opposite sex is okay? etc.

    Also make sure you know exactly how long it will be for and stick to it the best you can.

    A few months is very doable I think though.

    • That's very helpful. Thank you :) Haha, it helps that we have family over there, we'll be able to use that as a means of contact as well.

    • ya so long as there are airlines to running to come home on lol but I am sure it will be fine. just set out the rules, be honest with him in doing so and if you both stick with it, it should be okay. :)

    • Thank you for the advice lovely :)

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  • It will work. Even if for u the plunge might b hard, because u startes as long distance. Its possible. I have been doing it for over a year. Just remind urself of whats important. When u miss him, tell him. B honest. Communicate as much as u can and as best as u can. Words will b the helpers in making u stay connected with him now. Express ur feelings. B upfront. B forgiving and understanding because he might not always b able to b there. B respectful. Show affection lots and lots of it with sweet romantic messages. Love letters even. Use and abuse Skype. Whatsapp. Nd remind urself that u love each other, so u both deserve to try ur best to make it work.
    When something is bothering u about him, tell him in a calm non acusatory manner. Give him his space too to enjoy hos new interests where he is at. And after he will b able to come back to u and tell u cool different experiences he had. U too keep ursefl busy when he is not around. Making sure u treat ursefl well and keep urseld buy and optimistic and healthy and happy is in itself a way of guaranteeing the quality of ur relationship. This is the advice i can give. Oh... And Skype sex. Lots of it! Share photos of what u did during the day and spicy photos too! Dirty talk. Phone sex. Online games. Skype movie sessions. 20 questions. Truth or dare hahaha just make the best of it!

    • Also make sure u know when ur next meeting in person will b. Its better to have a goal and know when u will b together again

    • Im sorry meant to say because u didn't start as long distance. Probably

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  • I made it work for over 2 years we did not see each other

    • Any tips?

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    • Okay, thank you for comenting. :)

  • Talk often, never lie, don't have sex with anyone else.


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  • Have clear communication and expectations

    Have engaging conversations

    Switch up modes of communication
    *phone, text, video chat, IM, email, hand-written letter, post card - i think all should be used. so when he's there, have him send you a post card!


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