I have this inevitable craving to live free, and be a wild girl, is this normal?

For a long time in my life I was depressed, ever since the bad thing happened with my father when I was 7 and the police took him away.. Now I'm making up for lost times, for all the moments I could have been happy but was sad. Now I smoke weed like once a week, I steal jewelry and small asscessories from the mall, I drink ( I got so waisted when the patriots won the Superbowl!) I stay out late, Im kinda dating a guy who has a girlfriend, I dress more revealing and I just want to be wild and fun and live. Im in all honors classes and Ap classes I have a 94.8 GPA, I'm a junior and I'm in top 10%. Im very smart. Nd a virgin (i plan on losing my v card in college) My teachers nd parents know me as being innovent and adorable, and pretty much anyone who doesn't know me but my friends know me as being wild and "bad" but i just wanna have fun i wanna be a teenager and cry, and laugh, and be shady, and have adrenaline rushes, and love as hard as I can without any regrets. Is this normal?

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Yea I guess it is not normal to steal and smoke that often. I'll stop. And stop messing around w the guy who has a girlfriend... After high school.


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  • See what happens to all that good feeling when you get picked up for stealing, and you are recognized in surveillance footage as the thief in other cases. The GPA and all will not longer mean that much. Your opportunities will fade when people realize you are not trustworthy.

    I had a lot of fun through school, but never felt the need to steal, get high, etc. And my girlfriends were my girlfriends, not somebody else's. If you pick the direction you are going as the way you want to be, then you will eventually have to live with the consequences.


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  • totally normal!


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  • For all actions there are consequences, some are immediate some are far reaching into the future. just be aware that just because it doesn't hit now doesn't mean it won't later.

  • Hold on. You are "kinda dating" a guy who is taken. That isn't "rebellious" or "wild". That is just being a dick.
    Also, I've noticed that you're smoking more. Enjoy the fun, while it lasts.

    • Seriously? The 2 girls who downvoted me seriously condone infidelity? Lol, this world has gone to shit.

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    • Don't flatter yourself, you haven't disappointed me. I couldn't give less of a fuck about some randomer on the internet lol.
      Enjoy getting beat up by the girl who's boyfriend you're "kinda dating". Try and get a recording posted up.

    • Awesome will do and I was being sarcastic Asshole

  • No you are suffering lot of hurt from what your dad did to you but think things over you look like you could be a lively young lady but your hurting inside I'm sorry for all your emotional pain i know it's hell..

  • Looks like you are a good girl but hard times cost resulted your attitude of course stealing drinking and smoking weed are all bad things that is why i will say its not normal but everything else is positive and good


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