Is it just me or the amount of strange people on dating sites is increasing?

I mean ever since I used dating sites there were a lot of strange women on it but it seems that it is increasing. I know there are many strange men cause of what many women say but I am talking about women since I am a guy. I am guessing the number of strange guys is increasing too. I was on POF recently and I saw many women's profiles and a good amount of them were strange women. One woman put on her profile''I am that crazy bipolar ex that is a stalker lol.'' And on another woman's profile she talked about how she believed in aliens. And then I saw another woman put''To be honest I am just here to get free dinners.'' There are so many more things I can tell you.


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  • POF and OKCupid are the worst according to some people I know that have a profile there. Not only those, a lot of people on paid dating sites are equally strange and terrible to date. Some of my friends did have good experiences on fdating. com though, but there, when people are strange, they're really strange. One of my male friends was offered to get a woman pregnant, no obligations, just fun for him and a baby for her. One of my female friends was told really perverted things- from "may I suck your breasts when you're pregnant" to "take your clothes off on webcam or no guy will want to date you". Perhaps it's just that on the internet people dare to say anything, they don't know you in person therefor they just say whatever they want no matter how crazy they would sound in real life.

    • @Magdalena93 sorry about your friends' experiences. I know there are many attractive women that are strange as well on dating sites. And from what other women said and from what the woman below said there are many stranger good looking guys too.

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    • @ManuelMarquez Yeah, on lots of dating sites the strangest people just emerge. In real life you never find those people, but somehow dating sites are filled with them. Some of them attract more strange men, some of them attract more strange women. As I said, I think it's the amount of anonimity the internet has to offer, they don't have pretend they're someone they're not. Even with their full names and pictures, they'll still never have to see or talk to you again if they don't want to, so they can just... let the duck out if you get what I mean. People on holiday always act nuts too, because they never have to see the people there again. In their hometown they would think twice before getting drunk and doing a striptease on the table in the middle of the day. Just as in real life they would think twice about telling people they just want dates so they can get free dinners or that they're the crazy, bipolar stalker ex.

    • @Magdalena93 yeah I understand you.

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  • I think it increases with age... What is your age range on there? Usually people in the early 20s are just messing around on there having fun.

    Other than possibly that, I actually disagree. I think more people are getting on online dating in general, but the ratio of weird people is decreasing over all, but that is me

    • I see women from 20-24 years old.

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    • No not at all, I just kind of had nothing else to say on the topic really...

    • Well don't you think they are hypocrites?

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  • Wow really that's shocking got to sift through to find the odd decent woman. In my experience guys put fake pics on an look different in person. They flirt then we text then they ignore me months later they flirt on same site an I say u ignored me an they say oh I was with someone. So he gave number out when he was taken. Others offer to pay me for sex. Older men are worst saying nice lips perfect for you know what. Even say they can treat me right la la la but they like 56-70 years old I'm 22 so bizarre. Get guys winking over an over everyday but what's point if I haven't responded hint should be taken 🙈😭😂 some say they want dating but sex they want an fast. An others write an essay instead of having normal two way convo then leave their number at end of message like I should contact them 🙆🏽 I never would do that. An some even say hi get no response but continue to talk. An some even begged me to go to lunch with them or offer to be sugar daddy so I hate online satin an give up on it altogether

    • @MysterioiusChick93 Well I am not saying many women on dating sites are odd, just many. And I am not surprised you have to deal with that. I heard many good looking guys on dating sites are strange too. Is that true? There are many strange women of all types of looks on dating sites, I know that for sure.

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    • Oh geez. Uhh well on behalf of the men of the human race I apologize.

    • Yeah the good looking ones are insecure or flakey like they plan to meet an don't follow through that's the other type of guy I forgot to mention that are on those sites. Basically the same guys are on there for months on end so it makes me think something's wrong or in real life they can't date or flirt. Easy behind keyboard lol. The bad looking guys on there are quite normal with how they talk. I even had one guy cry down phone cus I didn't feel connection with him so insecure he was like 28 🙊😁 @dangerDoge hey it's ok just find it hard now to meet a good guy in real life 👀🙆🏽

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