Dont love my boyfriend or want to be with him... ?

I dont love my boyfriend in that way anymore and dont really care to be with him after 8yrs and 2 kids but im to scared to leave him i dont want to be the bad guy


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  • Your love for him has outgrown. This does happen to many people. I think the best thing is to talk to hhim about how you feel. Try to rekindle the relationship or its time to move on. Just don't do something yout regret and remember life is too short to be miserable and sad.


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  • If you don't love him, then leave. You're going to hurt him more by pretending you 'love' him. Instead, be direct with him and break up. He's going to get hurt either way, but ultimately you two will be happier in the long run.

    • I know this but i just can't do it.. some times i wish he wld just leave me or cheat on me i feel like it wld be easier

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  • if you dont love him then you should leave him.

    • I know but i just can't do it..