I want to ask er out but I can bring myself to doing so. Why?

Well I want to ask my crush out but I dont know why I can't. Im not afraid of a 'no' or 'cant' or whatever response. I ask her out. She says yes, then what? My mind stops there and then I find myself missing my chance everyday. Im leaving for vacation in 2 days. I can't ask her out tomorrow cause I have to meet my friends to say goddbye. Cause bros before hos :P I feel like I've missed my chance. I will see her again on September. I haven't seen her for 2 weeks since last day of training. I couldnt say goodbye to her and im already missing her :( You could say we're friends so we talk whenever we want but its not anything like the physical contact we have... I miss her:(


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  • Come on if you miss her tell her, or show her. If you're friends you could text her goodbye. Or just keep in touch while you're away showing she's on your mind.

    You could wait for September but you said it yourself you miss her already

  • Try arranging a group activity and ask her out. This is much more casual and easier

    • Said I leave in 2 days. She doesn't know my friends

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    • She lives half city away. Anyways I can't invite her tomorrow for other reasons. Ill be away all summer

    • Ok then..

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