Why does my dating profile mostly get replys from single moms?

I'm upfront that I'm a nice person but dot have too much time to spend do to work and school but I'd love to have some one to have dinner with. Go to the movies dance classes and the over all occasional romantic outing. I'd say I'd favor first meeting at a coffee shop to make sure either of us aren't phychos. Seems like most woman that respond are single moms. Nothing againts it but just why so much more than not?


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  • A lot of Wemon on dating sites are single moms because young attractive Wemon with no children tend to meet there partners in person. Plus a lot of Wemon over 25 have kids.

    • I work 280 hours a month... I have no time :(

    • Nothing wrong with that my dear its ambition it's just its to b expected on online dating sites

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  • Its probably in part the age group you fall in. And the fact that a lot of single moms are on dating sites. My little sister has a son and is on a dating site. Its harder to meet in real life when you have a rambunctious three year old to take with you.

  • I guess that online dating is just really popular with single moms. I mean it's probably harder for them to get out and meet people, being moms and all.


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