How is he going to tell me he loves me but wants this type of relationship?

So recently my boyfriend asked me how would he feel if he was texting other girls and meeting up with them, I automatically said big they were his friends, i wouldn't mind. But I told him if me and him were going to be together I won't be having that open relationship type of stuff because I love him and only him and he says the same. I asked him if he had any type of feelings for these girls he wanted to talk to and he said no. I asked him why and he simply just said " I want to talk to you and a see you but then iI want to text other girls and meet up with them when you're not here" are you fucking kidding me? Like I'm beyond mad because he even mentioned this to me, and I feel really disrespected. Oh but he says I love you so much and I want to he with you forever, but does he not realize that this hurts me :/ I'm gonna see him tomorrow so what should I say to him? We've been together for almost 2 1/2 years now and yes we have been through ups and downs but I really want to show him what the consqeuences will be if he does take action by doing this. Any opinions?
GUYS YOU ESPECIALLY WHAT DO YOU HONESTLY THINK? And to be honest when i asked him how would he feel if i was saying the exact thing he was saying but vice versa and he was okay with it but i KNOW he wouldn't be. he would constantly check my phone and ask me all sorts of questions. And to be honest i talk to him and only him. I have friends that are girls and guys but i know not to take it to that step where it would hurt my relationship.
He asked me how would I feel, not how would he feel in the first part, sorry for the typos I'm just really upset right now


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  • Tbh, sounds like the sort of guy to cheat. I think you are wasting your time with him. If he loved you.. I don't think he would say this.


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  • he doesn't love you then.


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