How to approach a girl who I have no reason to talk to?

I joined an orchestra and saw this really pretty girl. The orchestra is quite big and people stick to their friends during breaks (and the breaks are very short), she sits quite far from me. I can talk to people when in small groups but this group is large and it'll look very creepy if I just walk up to her and say "hi" as she hangs with her friends most of the time, anyone can think of some excuse to start talking to her? Should related to the orchestra/music I guess, any advice?


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  • WHAT ORCHESTRA ARE YOU IN!!! BC I am in a youth orchestra in my city and the description literally matches my orchestra lol


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  • you dont ever need a reason! Just say hey i think you are beautuful (or whatever is on ur mind) and don't use small talk! get to the point but remember to enjoy ur conversation cuz after all you do like her. Don't be outcome dependent and just have fun! Good luck


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  • just say she's cute.

    • Wow you gotta have balls of steel to do that. I'm not ugly but I certainly not a very handsome guy, I'm afraid to get labelled a creep.

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  • You don't need an excuse to talk to her bud. Just go up and say hey and start talking talking.

  • Well have you ever talked to her?

    • No not yet. I've been rejected before so it's quite intimidating.

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    • conversation. Like: "Oh, good", "I agree", "Sounds interesting", "I've done that", or "Yeah, i dont know". All of these and many more will be followed by awkward silence. Remember to try and keep the conversation going.
      - avoid talking to her constantly. once every two or three days is good in the beginning. If not, you risk looking creepy or desperate.
      - remember to be polite and avoid swearing. That is, unless she does. However that is a tricky slope, one 'ass' from her can be drastically different then a 'Oh shit' from you. It is best to be the guy that never swears then the guy with the potty mouth. Make sure you avoid say '"oh shoot", in actuality it sounds lie you are saying "Oh shit". Been there.
      - Enjoy your self and relax. Well... enjoy yourself. Relaxing is impossible for the first few times.
      - Don't change to be like her! If she is a total B-I-T-CH don't become a man sausage just so you can be friends in hopes that she will one day go out with you.

    • - Just go for it. Our life is far too short to waste time over thinking and fearing embarrassment. Why postpone happiness?

      Also, if you are totally sketchy and smell or something... just fix yourself before you try and chat up the ladies. Make sure you are the best you can be. Personally, i live by these rules...
      - Dress like your going to your yacht
      - Be a gentleman, however my thoughts on this could fill a blog.

      All in all, i hope you got some value out of this. I might of gone of course a little or missed a couple of comma's but i can't be bothered right now so good luck, have fun, and try not to die.

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