Would you be bothered even more that you didn't meet someone now knowing this?

I live near NY and I have a thing for older women... I could've met one who is 20 years older than me like for brunch which I guess was a date because our conversation was on a romantic interest level, and of course since she lives in Manhattan I know she had to do reasonably well, but I had no clue how much she must make at the time. She didn't like that I didn't confirm her idea to make plans the next day and then decided not to talk to me after that, but the truth is it's because I have trouble getting a job offer there and it isn't really feasible to have to commute to go on dates with someone when it's an hour and a half by bus one way. It sucks but I don't know what to do differently to get a job offer. Anyway, the main reasons it bothers me was because maybe we would've clicked in person, and I found her attractive and interesting, and she wanted to have a family with someone pretty quickly and now she's to the mid-point of 46 so who knows if 16 months later after we last talked if it is even still possible, although I know for some it can be for a few more years... but anyway, I found out recently that she owns an apartment she paid $3.64 million for, and she must mak ea LOT Of money if she can afford that. My mother can barely afford to pay for a house she paid $440,000 for.

This woman is from Sweden too so now I think of all Swedish people as rich, but I guess that's a stupid stereotype that makes no sense? Anyway... money obviously wasn't the main draw, but knowing I could be living in a luxury apartment and be financially secure whether I rise or not in my professional life would be nice... not to mention being with a gorgeous Scandinavian who I could pro-create with and travel with and do lots of awesome things. Blah. FML FML FML. :(


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  • yeah i would be...


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